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Klaus Kilgenstein

What can I say, the use of UMH water vitalization became a great success. This is proven by the popularity of our customers and the quality of our own products.

BIOPHOTONIC Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp

Biophoton measurement on two cucumber samples grown with different waters for 8 weeks. Sample: A: BieKom cucumbers grown with vitalized UMH water. B: Verhoeven cucumbers, grown with normal tap water. According to our method, Biekom cucumbers show significantly higher...

Eisenstadt Agricultural College

Experiment of irrigation of tomatoes in glass house with energized water. Test period 4 months. On average, for all varieties, the irrigation variant with energized water showed an additional yield of 13.4%, the unit weight increased by 3.6g and 3.03 more units were...

Doris W. / Austria

The algae problem is solved with your UMH swimming pool energization. I used to have to vacuum the bottom of my outdoor pool, which kept turning green. Now I am glad that this is no longer necessary since the installation in 2003. So that worked out well.

Agua Viva, Mrs. Kuprat / Spain

A customer from Murcia, who has a quite large Yakuzzi, which also has constantly more than 30 ° water temperature, told us that he sometimes no longer has to add chlorine to the water. Only when very many people are his guests who go to the Yakuzzi, then he partially...