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Company name: Institute for Water and Environmental Improvement
Ing. Bernhard Ratheiser GMBH
Headquarters: Sonnrainweg 4-5 , A-9554 St. Urban
Contact: Tel: +43-4277-20035-0
Fax: +43-4277-20035-20
Email: in******@um*.at
Legal form: GMBH
UID number: ATU66860337
Company register number: FN 372458 h
Company Register Court: Klagenfurt Regional Court
Object of the company: Production and operation of water treatment equipment and environmental products
competent. Supervisory authority: BH Feldkirchen
competent. Chamber: Chamber of Commerce Klagenfurt
Trade Regulation: www.ris.bka.gv.at

Third party rights

If the content or presentation of our information violates legal provisions or the rights of third parties, we expect to be notified accordingly by registered letter/return receipt and without cost bill. We guarantee that justifiably existing complaints will be corrected immediately or no longer used. The involvement of legal counsel is not required.

Without prior contact with us, any costs incurred will be rejected in full and may give rise to a counterclaim for breach of the aforementioned provision.

Legal notice

Legislation obliges us to make the following note and we ask for your understanding in this regard.

Our information and statements are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. They are not an invitation to self-diagnosis or even self-treatment. They are neither healing statements nor healing promises in the legal sense, nor are they to be understood as such. In principle, the same are based on information available to us and also have no claim to comprehensive completeness. Liability of any kind is considered excluded.

The products of UMH technologies belong to the field of alternative science and have only limited recognition in traditional natural science.

Diagnoses, therapies and statements about diseases, about other physical disorders, their correlations as well as treatment can only be made by doctors, non-medical practitioners or recognized healing professions. Experiential, natural and energy healing as well as the topics of radiesthesia, geopathology, earth rays, water veins and electrosmog are only recognized to a limited extent, if at all, in the doctrine of conventional medicine. We regret this circumstance very much, because all “faculties” could complement each other optimally.