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How does the
UMH water treatment?

Repair your tap water following nature’s example!

Technology and function of UMH devices

The UMH devices cause a lasting reorganization of the physical structure of the water and the cancellation of negative oscillations. This is achieved through a highly effective oscillating field. The tap water passes through the UMH device, which was geometrically shaped according to the knowledge of sacred geometry as well as Schauberger, and in which there are very effective, stable energy fields in the form of glass cartridges and precious stones.

Production of UMH devices

UMH units are designed according to the laws of sacred geometry and harmonics and are constructed for centripetal water flow. They provide an exceptionally broadband, maximum vibration field through the use of 7 to 10 different energy cartridges and gemstones. The vitalizer is installed directly into the water pipe. Due to a specially developed flow cycle of high energies inside the devices, the largest possible contact area is achieved for the vibration transmission to the water.


5 years warranty

On function and equipment technology

5 months money back guarantee

if the mode of action is not satisfactory

All UMH systems are

  • maintenance-free
  • work without power connection
  • work purely physically and without magnets
  • equipped with more than 20 years of effectiveness
  • sustainably effective
  • all parts are made of lead-free, silicon-containing brass or glass.
  • all devices are coated with high quality
  • stable in their energization for a long time
  • have also been technically tested by many institutes such as TÜV, ACS, SVGW

The effect of UMH technology remains undiminished even with widely branched pipe networks and long service lives. UMH water treatment allows you to have spring water quality in your own home. As a result, you will gain fitness, well-being and true comfort of life.

What are the effects of UMH equipment on water?

The cycle of the water is restored. Water evaporates and is collected in the atmosphere, it comes back to earth as rainwater, seeps away and is filtered through the soil and rocks and enriched with minerals and natural energy fields. As spring water, the water comes back to the surface in its perfection. This Juvenile spring water, with its crystalline hexagonal structure, has the ideal composition for our body and for nature

UMH devices provide these
Perfection restored:

  • they extinguish the pollutant frequencies
  • they transmit positive vibrations
  • they reduce the calcification in the pipes
  • they restore the original spring water quality
    and structure restored
  • the water thus becomes optimally cell-permeable
  • UMH the Missing Link between the source water structure of the past and the Comfort of today.
UMH water treatment