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Elixir of life from the bottom of the sea

Sango sea coral

Life elixir from the bottom of the sea

Optimal cellular food supplement for the daily supply of our organism with ionized minerals and trace elements

On the seabed off the coasts of the island of Okinawa, embedded in fossil sea beds millions of years old, one finds the so-called treasure of the island of the centenarians: the Sango sea coral. Apparently, the ingestion of the minerals and trace elements extracted from these corals is partly responsible for the fact that the inhabitants of Okinawa live longer on average than anywhere else on our planet. The decisive reason for the longevity of the islanders see many in the contained coral calcium.

Important functions of ionized minerals and trace elements in the human body

We have 81 stable elements on our earth. More than 70 of them are present in the Okinawa sango coral in a perfect quantity ratio for us humans. These more than 70 ionized minerals and trace elements of the new Sango Sea Coral penetrate our cell membranes without any problems due to the small size of only 8μm and reach their destination – the inside of our cells.

Once there, they are involved in countless metabolic processes as well as in the detoxification of our organism and promote the absorption of oxygen in our cells.

With the help of the new ultra-fine grinding, our body’s calcium stores and mineral depots can be completely replenished. These reserves are needed to keep body fluids alkaline and thus prevent hyperacidity.

3 times daily 1 level measuring spoon of powder = 1g each
(with at least 1 to 2 glasses of energized water).

Highly effective natural combination of vital substances, in a ratio perfectly usable by the body.

New grinding 500% finer.


  • Replenishing depleted mineral deposits in our cells and tissue fluids.
  • Permanent acid balance and stabilization of the
    pH value, by regenerating demineralized cells.
  • Antioxidant, bactericidal and fungicidal action.
  • Important building block for the effective elimination of free radicals.
  • Activation of all enzyme systems that are controlled by minerals
    controlled (magnesium controls about 300 enzyme systems).
  • Detectable storage of calcium in bone tissue within a few weeks.
  • The finely ground Sango powder allows the minerals to be absorbed via the oral mucosa, even if there are absorption problems in the intestines.

Our UMH Sango Sea Coral

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Our UMH Sango sea corals come from sustainable mining of millions of years old sango corals from Okinawa (no overexploitation). 100% natural, without any additives! Tested quality, free from radioactivity.

UMH Sango Sea Coral

UMH Sango Sea Coral

Highly effective natural vital substance combination

Sango Sea Coral contains a biologically as well as cell physiologically ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium of 2:1 and over 70 minerals as well as trace elements in highly effective and ionized form. In addition, hundreds of enzyme systems are controlled by the minerals and trace elements in the body.

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UMH Sango Sea Coral

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