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UMH Filter and osmosis

Activated carbon block filter with energization from UMH

The Hexagon filter is a sintered activated carbon filter for drinking water filtration. With a pore size of about 0.6 μm as well as a 55% higher activated carbon mass compared to the NFP Premium cartridge and thus higher absorption capacity, dissolved pollutants as well as particles and microorganisms can be removed from the water even more safely.

The UMH Hexagon is a very easy to install plug and play system that can be installed within minutes under any kitchen sink, in practice areas, offices and company kitchens.

UMH Filter and osmosis

Sintered activated carbon block filter (0.6 μm pore size)

UMH Filter and osmosis

Using a Duo quality filter from Carbonit, all common heavy metals, hormones, pesticides, bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, yeasts, chlorine, DDT, drug residues, microplastics and much more are safely removed from the tap water. However, the minerals remain intact.

After filtering, the water is energized, hexagonally structured and made optimally available to cells with a newly developed UMH device, which contains 10 different handmade glass vials as a highly stable energy field. When selecting the cartridges, consideration was also given to any UV treated water.

Post treatment of osmosis water

After the tap water has been treated by osmosis, it is very important to enrich it with a small amount of minerals and to increase the pH value by means of a remineralization cartridge. This forms the basis for a subsequent
Energization and structuring of the osmosis water.

Minerals (calcium and magnesium), like dust grains in snow crystals, form the center for the formation of hexagonal structures in water. These, in turn, are crucial for optimal cell passability of the treated water.

We therefore recommend remineralization by means of Sango Mineral Cartridge and a subsequent energization with the UMH Pure or UMH Master 1/2 ” Gold device.

UMH Filter und Osmose

UMH-SANGO – Remineralization filter for osmosis systems with 1/4 inch John Guest connections (DM 65 mm x length 300 mm)