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Why is water treatment important?

Comparison graphite and diamond

The comparison of graphite and diamond shows us how important the respective order structures are. Chemically, they are the same thing. The different crystal structure alone results in completely different properties. Exactly the same effects have the different order structure with liquid and crystalline water. Crystalline water is highly structured and therefore of great importance for life and health. Today, it is considered an established fact that the ordered, structured portion in the water is decisive for its biological quality. Recent research by Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Pollack and Dr. Wandke indicates the high importance of hexagonal structures in water.

Cell availability of the water

Water serves the metabolism in an optimal way only if it reaches the cell from the digestive tract, i.e. from the mucous membrane of the small intestine, the liver, the connective tissue, and is subsequently absorbed by the cell itself.

However, in order for the cell membrane to be passed by water, certain frequencies as well as structures are required. UMH-vitalized water, like spring water, has these properties and is therefore cell-available and very beneficial to health.

Water stores positive and negative vibrations

Doctors recommend drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day for our body’s metabolism and detoxification to function optimally. However, the quality of the water is crucial. Holistic doctors warn against normal tap water. Diseases and allergies are potentially favored by this.

It has been extensively researched that water stores both positive and negative electromagnetic vibrations. As a result, our tap water is no longer able to properly support the metabolic processes in the body. This can lead to tremendous acidity and dehydration of organ systems. It has been scientifically proven that good, highly energized water reverses dehydration, eliminates toxins and acids, activating the body’s enzyme systems.

A deletion of negative information in the drunk water is therefore very important to get back an energetic high quality food No. 1.

Scientific evidence

The German graduate physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig proved by his spectroscopic measurements that the frequencies of toxic substances are still detectable in chemically purified water. During examinations of UMH devices, on the other hand, he attested:

  • Extinguishing the pollutant frequencies (unlike many other water treatment devices).
  • Energization and structuring of the water
  • High storage of biophotons
  • The crystalline liquid portion of the treated water increases sharply
  • Optimal biological efficiency of the water with good cellular mobility

The Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto shows with his microscopic pictures the wonderful order structure of spring water and how much certain negative vibrations can burden the water.

UV treatment of water

In large cities and towns, water is increasingly being disinfected or sterilized with chlorine, UV treatment, silver, etc. More than 70 years ago, Viktor Schauberger already pointed out the major disadvantages of these water treatments commonly used today. He emphasized that this can have a drastic effect on health, as this not only kills bacteria and viruses in the water, but also destroys the vitality and building power of the water.

Nevertheless, UV treatment is increasingly being used as a cost-effective form of sterilization. However, recent studies have shown that this severely affects the energetic state of the water. Therefore, it is highly recommended to neutralize UV-treated tap water as a precaution.