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Especially for your main water connection

Spring water quality

Provide your apartment or entire house with high quality energized water. The UMH Master was specially designed for connection to the main water line. Made of special brass, the device is equipped with a special composition of precious stones. Additionally, inside the device, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade vials provide a highly stable energy field. With this built-in unit, you’ll enjoy the benefits of natural, spring-quality water from any tap in your home.

From the 5/4 inch device up to 2 inches, the UV neutralisation spectrum is already included in the master devices. It is no longer necessary to UV device needs to be connected upstream.


UMH Master - Especially for your main water connection

5 years warranty

On function and equipment technology

5 months money back guarantee

if the mode of action is not satisfactory

Areas of application

Apartment and house / For the main water connection

Technical data

Thread 1/2″ 3/4 1″ 5/4″ 6/4″ 2″
Installation length in mm: 175 210 230 250 340 380
Length in mm: 104,7 140,7 140,7 142 217 215
Diameter in mm: 79 79 79 79 79 123
Flow rate l/min: 25 50 90 120 160 300
Weight in kg: 2,1 3,4 3,5 3,3 5,5 13,1


  • Deletion of the pollutant frequencies
  • Transmission of uplifting energies during drinking, bathing and showering
  • cellular water with spring water structure
  • noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • Limestone dissolving and inhibiting
  • Reduced need for detergent
  • Protection for piping and equipment
  • without electricity, without chemistry, without magnets
  • maintenance-free
UMH Master - Especially for your main water connection

Testimonials with the UMH Master

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and advantages of the UMH Master.


The first way of a dear friend from Klagenfurt leads her every time to the tap to drink a glass of water. For her, it is the best water she knows.


The tap water suddenly tasted softer, milder and alive like spring water. The children like to drink it. In the kettle, limescale does not build up as quickly as before, and when showering, the energized water feels softer and more cleansing.


Based on the feedback from seminar visitors and the employees who are in the building, we can state that people like to drink more tap water. Some seminar guests have also mentioned that they are still fresh and refreshed after a full-day seminar.


I, as a diabetic, was always tired and powerless. Since the water treatment with the UMH Master I feel much more agile and fresh.

Reliable information about UMH technology can be obtained from the following dealers or their homepages. We deliberately enter into partnerships with companies that sell our products in Europe in accordance with ethical principles and are local contacts for our customers.

UMH Master - Especially for your main water connection

Here you can download the product data sheet.