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Especially for private use

Spring water quality

With the UMH Alpha, UMH offers the possibility to energize water and other liquids especially for private use. Made of special brass, the device is 24 carat hard gold plated and set with a pyramid cut rock crystal.

Handmade glass vials inside provide a highly stable energy field. The advantages of the stand design allow you to optimize even bottled water and other liquids. Multiple energization also allows you to achieve an individual energy level.

The mounted live sphere on the Alpha can be used together with a travel set even on the road and on vacation, so you never have to go without your optimal water quality again.



UMH Alpha

5 years warranty

On function and equipment technology

5 months money back guarantee

if the mode of action is not satisfactory

Areas of application

Bottled water / liquids

Technical data

Height in mm: 550
Height of spout in mm: 340
Flow rate liters/min: 7
Weight in kg: 1,4


  • Deletion of the pollutant frequencies
  • Improvement of cellular water and nutrient uptake capacity
  • crystalline spring water structure
  • stable bioenergies
  • Energization of bottled water and beverages
  • Multiple energization possible
  • Transmission of uplifting energies during drinking
  • noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • without electricity, without chemistry, without magnets
  • maintenance-free
Cleaning instructions for the UMH Alpha

I. Only water is poured through
II. heated drinks, tea
III. use of other drinks such as fruit juices etc.
Ecological products, e.g. from SONETT, are always preferable for washing and cleaning.

I. If the appliance is used solely for energising pure (unheated) water, no additional care is generally required. Exception: If tap water with a very high limescale content (with a high calcium carbonate content) is used continuously, cleaning with a limescale remover may be necessary. Biological citric acid (e.g. from KLAR) is recommended, as it is odourless compared to acetic acid. In addition, concentrated acetic acid could attack the inner surface of the appliance. The concentrate should be diluted 1:10!

II. With tea, it is advisable to pour the hot water through the appliance onto the tea leaves. The tea brew – especially with green tea – can otherwise build up in the appliance, just like in the teapot. Heating increases the tendency for water clusters around the ions to break up due to the energy gradient and for limescale deposits to form over time.* Cleaning with citric acid is particularly recommended for this application.

III. For drinks such as fruit juices, which cannot be metabolised particularly well in a non-energised state**, it is possible to place the drink on a UMH Energy 18 or Energy 30 (made from energised silicon) for approx. two hours and then dilute it with energised water (multiple energisation is also possible). If for any reason there are any residues in the appliance despite care (either visible or detectable by reduced flow), the residues can be dissolved with dissolved baking powder. To do this, close the appliance at the outlet (with Delta through the ball valve) and rinse out the solution after approx. 2 hours. It is also advisable to rinse again with hot water and organic citric acid and then carry out an odour test to be sure.

We generally recommend rinsing with hot water immediately after pouring any liquids other than water through the device. If your UMH Vitaliser still has deposits or you would like to clean the energy field, we offer a special service for this.

* for limescale deposits see: www.umh.at/forschung/erkenntnisse_c.html
** for metabolisation and energisation see www.umh.at/forschung/erkenntnisse_b.html


“The soul of man is like
the water. From the sky it comes,
to the sky it rises and again
down to earth it must,
eternally changing.”

Johann W. v. Goethe

Testimonials with the UMH Alpha

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and benefits of UMH Alpha.

Testimonials with the UMH Alpha

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and benefits of UMH Alpha.


Even my two dwarf rabbits have been tasting only the treated water for some time. They simply leave the conventional bowl with tap water – without revitalization.


I was, as a diabetic, always tired and powerless. Since the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh. I now find it very easy to drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water. My blood glucose levels have since almost normalized (from a long-term glucose level of 15.3 to now 6.9).


What can I say, the use of UMH water vitalization became a great success. This is proven by the popularity of our customers and the quality of our own products.

Reliable information about UMH technology can be obtained from the following dealers or their homepages. We deliberately enter into partnerships with companies that sell our products in Europe in accordance with ethical principles and are local contacts for our customers.

UMH Alpha

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