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Especially for your rental apartment

Spring water quality

With the UMH Comfort, UMH offers a convenient solution to energize all tap water, especially for rental apartments. Simple installation on the main tap of the cold or hot water means that no line separation is necessary. The barrier option remains in place. The device has a pressure drop of 500 mbar.

Later disassembly is also possible without any problems. The UMH device is made of special brass and is 24 carat hard gold plated. Inside, in addition to 12 gemstones, there are also 10 glass vials handmade from high quality borosilicate glass.

UMH Comfort

5 years warranty

On function and equipment technology

5 months money back guarantee

if the mode of action is not satisfactory

Areas of application


Technical data

Thread 1/2″ 3/4 1″
Length in mm: 147 147 147
Diameter in mm: 79 79 79
Flow rate l/min: 21 40 60
Weight in kg: 2,8 2,8 2,9


  • Deletion of the pollutant frequencies
  • Transmission of uplifting energies during drinking,
    Bathing and showering
  • cellular water with spring water structure
  • noticeably soft and fresh taste
  • Limestone dissolving and inhibiting
  • Reduced need for detergent
  • Protection for piping and equipment
  • without electricity, without chemistry, without magnets
  • maintenance-free

Swimming pond chemical free with UMH


Testimonials with the UMH Comfort

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and advantages of UMH Comfort.


Without suspecting it, I also got my problem with my cat sorted out: She finally drinks enough. That in itself says everything about the new water quality. Cats are known to be incorruptible creatures.


After a short time, our hairdressers told me that they prefer to go to the right hair wash basin with their customers for “hair wellness”, because there it foams more and they used less care products and nevertheless, or just because of that, the hair shone more and could be styled better.

Reliable information about UMH technology can be obtained from the following dealers or their homepages. We deliberately enter into partnerships with companies that sell our products in Europe in accordance with ethical principles and are local contacts for our customers.

UMH Comfort

Here you can download the product data sheet.