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Technology and function

Without electricity – Without chemistry

Technology and function of UMH devices

The UMH devices cause a lasting reorganization of the physical structure of the water and the cancellation of negative oscillations. This is achieved through a highly effective oscillating field. The tap water passes through the UMH device, which contains a highly effective, highly concentrated oscillating area. The same is produced by swirling according to Schauberger, naturally informed fluids, gemstones, metals and other subtle energy carriers.

UMH units are dimensioned according to the laws of sacred geometry and harmonics, as well as designed for centripetal water flow. They provide an exceptionally broadband, maximum vibration field through the use of 7 to 10 different energy cartridges and gemstones.

The vitalizer is installed directly into the water pipe. Due to a specially developed flow cycle of high energies inside the devices, the largest possible contact area is achieved for the vibration transmission to the water.


  • Deletion of the pollutant frequencies
  • Transmission of positive vibrations
  • Reduction of calcification
  • Optimal cell passable water
  • Recovery of the original spring water quality

All UMH systems are maintenance-free and operate without power supply or additives. According to our experience, the duration of effect is unlimited and the effectiveness is sustainably proven. All parts are made of lead-free, silicon special brass as well as glass. The vitalizers are universal and easy to use.

Functionality of our UMH devices

Technology and function of UMH devices

Tap water flowing through is first vortexed centripetally and broken down into small partial streams. Now the water passes through a highly effective vibrational field, which is generated by specially informed liquids, gemstones and other natural energy sources. The resulting increase in surface area and change in crystal structure makes the water noticeably softer.

Cellular water like from a spring

Through direct contact with the energy field, a safe transmission of bioenergetic fields takes place. This results in a permanent positive reorganization of the physical structure of the water.

At the same time, the pollutant information in the water is demonstrably erased. Enjoy fresh water according to the example of nature.

All UMH built-in devices have been tested for pressure safety and food safety by TÜV-Bayern. The French testing institute Eurofins ACS together with the Swiss SVGW have also tested our devices. You can find more expert opinions on the effectiveness of our UMH devices here.


UMH - Schützt vor Kalk!

Health for people

Only a high-energy water with high order structures, such as the UMH water or fresh spring water, enable the metabolism of natural inorganic minerals and the flushing out of toxins.

Here the water must be able to reach the inside of the cells, because 2/3 of the body water is in the cells of our body.

According to research, UMH water is able to compensate for dehydration inside the cell. This is a crucial quality factor for an optimal water treatment device.

Improved plant growth and animal health

In addition to people, plants and animals also benefit from UMH water treatment. Energized water has very positive effects on the organism of animals. Your pets will feel better and be more vital. When given a choice, they instinctively always prefer the energized water.

Another advantage is the improved plant growth due to UMH water. After several weeks of tests by biophysicist Dr. Fritz Popp on cucumbers treated with UMH water, a significantly better quality and a higher state of order was observed.

The Eisenstadt Agricultural College also recorded an additional yield of 13.4% compared to normal tap water by cultivating various tomato varieties with UMH-energized water.