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Versatile use in the private sector

Spring water quality

From connection to the standard water tap to combination with table-top filter to use in a travel set: With UMH LIVE, UMH offers a device with unique versatility. Made of special brass, the device has a pyramid cut rock crystal set in it.

The handmade glass vials made of borosilicate glass provide a highly stable energy field inside the device. You can choose between the finishing with rhodium and 24 carat gold. In addition, the UMH-Live units all have a water-saving perlator, thus saving additional water and heating energy.

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UMH LIVE - versatile for private use

5 years warranty

On function and equipment technology

5 months money back guarantee

if the mode of action is not satisfactory

Areas of application

Shower and bath / faucet / countertop filter / travel kit / garden connection

“Man’s soul is like water.
From heaven it comes, to heaven it rises and
down again to the earth it must, eternally changing.”

J. W. von Goethe


Deletion of the pollutant frequencies
Improvement of the cellular water absorption capacity
Improvement of the cellular nutrient uptake capacity
Crystalline spring water structure
Stable bioenergies
in a practical travel set for on the road
Building energies during drinking, bathing and showering
Noticeably soft and fresh taste
Without electricity, without chemistry, without magnets
Environmentally friendly & resource saving

Technical data

Length in mm: 61
Diameter in mm: 55
Flow rate liters/min: 12
Weight in kg: 0,36
UMH LIVE - versatile for private use
UMH LIVE - versatile for private use

UMH Live universal device rhodium plated

From connection to the common faucet to use in a travel kit, UMH Live Rhodium is a device with unique versatility and, above all, to match your faucet. Made of brass, the device is 24 karat hard gold plated as well as additionally rhodium plated, which is an even higher quality and more durable coating. The rhodium version of the UMH Live is for those people who prefer a subtle silver look. There are no functional differences in the preparation.

The UMH Live Rhodium has a pyramid cut rock crystal set in it. The handmade glass vials made of borosilicate glass provide a highly stable energy field inside the device.
For direct mounting on the faucet in the kitchen and bathroom, shower hose, garden faucet, water filter, and more. With various transitional parts versatile! Ideal also for travel, so you never miss your high-quality water.

You can also use the UMH Live with special plug-in adapters on a Carbonit SanUno table-top filter or with the UMH travel set .

Live travel sets

UMH Water quality for on the road! With the UMH Travel Set Live you can take your Live Sphere with you on your travels and easily purify water on the go whether from the tap or bottled water.

The supplied adapters are quick and easy to assemble and in combination with the small bag are ideal for transport. Once you use UMH water at home, you won’t want to miss it on the road.

The Live travel set is an ideal combination with the UMH Live device.

Cleaning instructions for the UMH Live travel sets

I. Only water is poured through
II. heated drinks, tea
III. use of other drinks such as fruit juices etc.
Ecological products, e.g. from SONETT, are always preferable for washing and cleaning.

I. If the appliance is used solely for energising pure (unheated) water, no additional care is generally required. Exception: If tap water with a very high limescale content (with a high calcium carbonate content) is used continuously, cleaning with a limescale remover may be necessary. Biological citric acid (e.g. from KLAR) is recommended, as it is odourless compared to acetic acid. In addition, concentrated acetic acid could attack the inner surface of the appliance. The concentrate should be diluted 1:10!

II. With tea, it is advisable to pour the hot water through the appliance onto the tea leaves. The tea brew – especially with green tea – can otherwise build up in the appliance, just like in the teapot. Heating increases the tendency for water clusters around the ions to break up due to the energy gradient and for limescale deposits to form over time.* Cleaning with citric acid is particularly recommended for this application.

III. For drinks such as fruit juices, which cannot be metabolised particularly well in a non-energised state**, it is possible to place the drink on a UMH Energy 18 or Energy 30 (made from energised silicon) for approx. two hours and then dilute it with energised water (multiple energisation is also possible). If for any reason there are any residues in the appliance despite care (either visible or detectable by reduced flow), the residues can be dissolved with dissolved baking powder. To do this, close the appliance at the outlet (with Delta through the ball valve) and rinse out the solution after approx. 2 hours. It is also advisable to rinse again with hot water and organic citric acid and then carry out an odour test to be sure.

We generally recommend rinsing with hot water immediately after pouring any liquids other than water through the device. If your UMH Vitaliser still has deposits or you would like to clean the energy field, we offer a special service for this.

* for limescale deposits see: www.umh.at/forschung/erkenntnisse_c.html
** for metabolisation and energisation see www.umh.at/forschung/erkenntnisse_b.html


UMH LIVE - versatile for private use

Testimonials with the UMH Live

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and advantages of UMH Live.


Already in the six-week test phase with one of your devices, I could describe the positive physical reactions with increased desire of my body for the soft, round taste of the water.

Matthias Rothfuß

The water has a wonderful taste. It is soft, it smells good.So I drink quite without prompting and really like one glass after another during the day. It has become a pleasant habit for me to take filtered & vitalized water to work.

Susanne Schraff

Our UMH water system has made us more sensitive to the quality of water in general. We tolerate it better and feel that it gives us more energy for the day. It was not like that with the water we used to drink.

Uli & Kathrin Breitbach

We are now the proud owners of the UMH device and are completely thrilled. The fresh taste alone is convincing.

Christiane Driewer

Reliable information about UMH technology can be obtained from the following dealers or their homepages. We deliberately enter into partnerships with companies that sell our products in Europe in accordance with ethical principles and are local contacts for our customers.

UMH LIVE - versatile for private use

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