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Possible applications
UMH Energy

How do UMH Energy products work?

The reduction of exposure to electrosmog is produced by the UMH-Energy disc balancing the spatial magnetic field. The higher the load, the larger the washer should be selected. The balancing effect of the Energy disc is impressive and demonstrable. UMH ENERGY products work on the one hand by neutralizing the electro-smog in the room and on the other hand by positively charging materials. Nature and man are relieved of negative rays in their spatial magnetic field and thus regain strength and vital energy.
Application possibilities UMH-Energy

Possible applications

Individual protection
The UMH Energy (3-7,23) is worn on a chain at the level of the thymus or solar plexus and protects the person from electrosmog, cell phone radiation and stress of any kind.

Object protection
: The cell phone itself and other heavy-duty devices such as cordless phones (DECT), WLAN routers, etc. can be suppressed. Because of their enormous radiation, these objects can be directly neutralized with the UMH cell phone chip. The house power system can also be harmonized by attaching a 3 cm washer to the main switch of the fuse box.

Acute help
: For all kinds of pain, the disc can be glued directly to the affected part of the body (e.g. ‘Hansaplast’ or ‘Leukosilk’). The disc can also be used to activate the chakras.

Room protection
: By placing an 18 or 30 disc, an apartment, office, or house is dejammed.

Avoidance is better than shielding

Our everyday life is becoming more and more high-tech and it can be assumed that every device causes a certain amount of radiation. It pays to think carefully about which technical products are purchased and used. do the advantages of use really outweigh the disadvantage of burden? Can you also live well with less technology or with limited functionality? In addition, 5 G technology should be consistently avoided in the home as well as smart home devices that expose everyone and everything to radiation to enable functionality.

This is because devices can also be used with low radiation, with few functional restrictions. Conscious use reduces your own personal electrical stress.

  • There are cordless phones (DECT) with Eco Dect+ standard, which are completely radiation-free in stand-by mode.
  • It is much better to connect to the Internet via a cable connection than using mobile data distribution (LTE, Wifi, 5G).
  • Always connect keyboards and computer mice with cables to the computer!
  • Mains disconnectors in the sleeping area guarantee electro-free bedrooms, as they stop the flow of current in the lines.
  • By using timers, a wifi should always be turned off automatically at night.
  • At night, humans are 10 times more sensitive to electrosmog.

The avoidance of radiation
is the best protection!

Your body will thank you with well-being and balance.

Testimonials with the UMH Energy

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and benefits of UMH Energy.


I had been suffering from extreme lack of energy for about 30 years, sometimes combined with dizziness and lightheadedness. Since using the 4.5 cm – UMH disc, these complaints have become much weaker, on some days they have almost disappeared.

Hans Weiss

About half a year ago I had Pfeifer’s glandular fever, and since then my tonsils have been constantly swelling even with the slightest cold!
Since I started wearing the UMH energizer, this is no longer the case!!!

Patrick Kogler

I always wear the small UMH pendant on my body. There is a UMH disc deposited in the bedroom, one in the middle of the house, I also put food on this UMH disc, and I sit at the computer on a UMH disc. Since that time I have not had gingivitis and I also have energy again.

Elisabeth Beckers

I try to use the speakerphone on my company cell phone most of the time, but I can’t do that around customers and then always had a hot head. But since the cell phone chip is stuck on the phone, that’s over. Really a great thing. Thank you!!!

Gerald Bayer

… so this “simple” disc is a tremendous help and highly recommended for everyone! A one-time investment that literally has a lasting positive effect on the rest of your life.

Regina Lienke

My fatigue, burning eyes and especially the headaches are now obviously a thing of the past, virtually blown away. I can concentrate better again and work is more fun.

Reiff family