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Especially for
Wellness & SPA areas

Spring water quality

With the UMH Pool, UMH offers an exclusive solution to energize the swimming pool water especially for the wellness and swimming pool area. Made of special brass, the device is equipped with a special composition of precious stones.

Inside the unit, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handcrafted glass vials designed specifically for swimming pools and natural ponds provide a highly stable energy field. Take advantage of natural spring water quality for true wellness.

UMH Pool - Especially for Wellness & SPA Areas

5 years warranty

On function and equipment technology

5 months money back guarantee

if the mode of action is not satisfactory

Areas of application

Swimming pools / SPA areas

Technical data

Thread 6/4″ 2,5″
Length in mm: 109 172
Diameter in mm: 79 123
Flow rate liters/min: 150 470
Weight in kg: 1,9 8,1


  • Water with spring water structure
  • Longer time fresh water
  • Transmission of uplifting energies during swimming
  • Water with high skin compatibility
  • Saving of chlorine and cleaning agents
  • Protection for pipelines / less calcification
  • without electricity, without chemistry, without magnets
  • maintenance-free

Swimming pond chemical free with UMH


Testimonials with the UMH Pool

Numerous testimonials from satisfied UMH users confirm the effect and advantages of the UMH Pool.


The algae problem is solved with your UMH swimming pool energization. I used to have to vacuum the bottom of my outdoor pool, which kept turning green. Now I am glad that this is no longer necessary since the installation in 2003. So that worked out well.


A customer from Murcia, who has a quite large Yakuzzi, which also has constantly more than 30 ° water temperature, told us that he sometimes no longer has to add chlorine to the water. Only when very many people are his guests who go to the Yakuzzi, then he partially chlort.


At my swimming pool in Aruba (Venezuela) I made an observation that I hardly thought possible. In my uncovered swimming pool with a temperature of 32 ° C, I managed to keep the pool water free of algae. This was not possible before, even with 15 (!) chemicals.


I am pleased to confirm my satisfaction with the 6/4″ UMH Swimming Pool Lifter. Due to my chlorine allergy, I had to look for an alternative for my swimming pool. Since the installation of the UMH technology in 2008 ( additionally supplemented by 3 silicon UMH energizers) the difficulties have been solved: no more algae, no more chemicals!


After the installation of the UMH unit, the chlorine consumption has been reduced by approx. 30 %. Three weeks after the installation of the 2″ UMH unit, the lime deposits from the last few years also came out of the pipes, so that the complete residues collected in front of the screens. This was convincing for everyone.

Reliable information about UMH technology can be obtained from the following dealers or their homepages. We deliberately enter into partnerships with companies that sell our products in Europe in accordance with ethical principles and are local contacts for our customers.

UMH Pool - Especially for Wellness & SPA Areas

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