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The following articles provide context and basics of how to look at water and how to treat it

Key aspects
for an optimal drinking water

Water quality determination

Structures in the
Water and its treatment

Sensational study results on cancer and water drinking

Energized and structured water through optimal water treatment

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Ing. Bernhard Ratheiser

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Dia asks … Subject: Water – filtration and energization

Bernhard Ratheiser in conversation with Dia:

Looking for the right water filtration system, you can despair. What do you have to pay attention to, what makes sense, what really works? From the hand swirler, which (according to advertising) makes the water hexagonal, to table water filters to very expensive devices with separate power supply and extra tap. What a jungle!

These two episodes are intended to help provide the following insights:

📌 Do I need that?
📌 If so, what do you place particular emphasis on?
📌 Which of the many offers suits me?

For this, Dina invited an expert: Bernhard Ratheiser from the Institute for Water and Environmental Improvement